EnSol - Lithium batteries for material handling fleet

Ensol lithium batteries reduce the cost of warehouse equipment ownership by up to 50%! This is accomplished through drastic reduction of charging time, opportunity and fast charging, no maintenance and significantly longer lifetime than comparable lead-acid and gel batteries. Large warehouse operators have already given preference to our lithium batteries and, according to experts, innovative lithium batteries will drive "lead" out of the market by the end of this decade. The only question is who will start to save faster - you or your competitors.

About EnSol

EnSol develops and manufactures lithium batteries for material handling equipment. We offer our customers an advanced energy storage unit based on lithium batteries and we also advise on energy efficiency. In 2012, EnSol has developed an active battery management system EnSol Equilizer that transfers charge between battery cells. This increases EnSol available capacity and significantly increases battery lifetime.
We provide lithium batteries for the new and existing warehouse truck fleets:
1. Completely maintenance-free, sealed batteries;
2. Wide range of operating temperatures (-30 to +50°C);
3. 2-3 times longer lifetime (3000-5000 cycles);
4. No memory effect;
5. No hazardous waste or explosion safety requirements;
6. Low self-discharge;
7. Safe and environmentally friendly;
8. 3-5 year warranty.
About EnSol
EnSol Frost - Lithium solution for cold storage

EnSol Frost - Lithium solution for cold storage

EnSol Frost is a safe and environmentally-friendly solution to working with food products without damaging the lithium battery or reducing its capacity in a freezer storage.

EnSol Frost allows for operation and charging at temperatures as low as –30C. EnSol Frost battery capacity maintains 95% of the rated capacity even at extremely low operating temperatures. It is especially effective in long-term operation in cold storage where product preservation often requires equipment to remain in freezing temperatures. Conventional batteries, when operating in such harsh conditions, lose 30-50% of their capacity, and are discharged quickly. Ensol Frost batteries can also be charged at -30C.