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Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. It is a leading provider of comprehensive commercial refrigeration solutions. With operations in more than 20 countries, Panasonic Cold Chain provides valuable customer services around the world.

An invisible wall to seal in the cold

Everyone knows that opening and closing the door on a home refrigerator/freezer as little as possible is a great way to save energy, but stores have to keep their showcases open for customers to be able to access the products.
Panasonic has been able to fulfill this contradictory requirement with its unique technology, the “Double Air Curtain.” It seals cold air into showcases with an “invisible door,” protecting the freshness of foods inside while minimizing electricity consumed.
Panasonic has also developed the “New Temperature Maintenance System,” maintaining the perfect temperature by offering protection from by fluctuations in the outside air, and preventing energy loss from overcooling. On top of all this, by switching to LED lighting inside showcases, and by utilizing energy-saving glass doors, the entire showcase is expected to use significantly less energy.