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Welcome to Promomax – Your Premier Partner for Promotional Products in Mongolia. As the official distributor of renowned brands such as Senator, Prodir, SIGG, and XD Design we bring you internationally acclaimed promotional items that leave a lasting impression. At Promomax, we are dedicated to advancing the promotional product market in Mongolia. With a commitment to excellence, we offer professional consulting services to clients across all industries, ensuring tailored solutions that elevate their brand presence.

Senator GmbH & Co. KG

Whenever someone in Germany reaches for a domestically produced ball pen, that pen will probably be a senator®. We have over 90 years' experience in the manufacture and branding of writing instruments. We produce up to a million ballpens every single day. At our headquarters in Groß-Bieberau, alongside our highly specialized production facility, we also house the entire value chain - conception, design, production, assembly, printing, and logistics - for most of our other ranges. The result? A range of premium-quality promotional items that provide the ideal platform for brand and product messages.

Prodir - Pagani Pens SA

Some are intended to be provocative and striking, while others are more conservative and subtle – our writing instruments not only have to write well, they also have to appear authentic. They have to offer something new and fresh time and again. 250 employees in Switzerland and in seven branch offices around the globe work to ensure that we consistently produce ballpoint pens that are so good that they can represent the most demanding of brands credibly and sustainably. Because for us, writing and communicating go hand in hand.

SIGG Switzerland AG

SIGG has been designing and manufacturing water bottles in Switzerland since 1908. SIGG and their extended partners around the world are dedicated to doing just one thing – producing and customizing the world’s best water bottles for you.

XD Design

XD Design is a proud Dutch Design brand, with offices all over the world and over 30 years of experience. Design studio is run by ambitious in-house designers from all over the world, who create relevant & sustainable products for affordable prices. XD Design strives to take every day products to a higher level by adding design both in an emotional and functional sense: Affordable Uniqueness!