Schoeller Allibert - Innovating your logistics for a better world.

Schoeller Allibert has been inventing, developing, designing and manufacturing Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) for more than 60 years. We have a rich heritage, having been formed from the key players: Schoeller, Wavin, Perstorp, Arca, Linpac, Allibert, Paxton, Stucki amongst others. Today we are the European market leader in operations worldwide.

About Schoeller Allibert

As a global market leader in the field of returnable plastic packaging solutions, Schoeller Allibert is committed to reducing our customers’ logistics and packaging costs. By using our knowledge and innovative skills, we are dedicated to improving the supply chains of our clients.

Our returnable plastic packaging systems are designed to speed handling and distribution operations for a more efficient supply chain. At Schoeller Allibert, we believe in making a difference for you, your business and your personnal environment. That’s why we say we are ‘Innovating your logistics for a better world’.
About Schoeller Allibert

We have what you need

Markets: we focus on seven key segments being agriculture, automotive, food and food processing, beverage, retail, industrial manufacturing and pooling through our customers.

Products: we offer a comprehensive range of standard and tailor-made RTP packaging solutions across ten key product segments being Foldable Large Containers, Foldable Small Containers, Rigid Pallet Containers, Beverage crates and trays, Stackable and Stack /Nest handheld boxes, UN pails, Foldable IBCs, Pallets and Dollies.

Services: as well as standard models we offer a bespoke innovative design and engineering service.

Benefits of our products: high quality, durable and sustainable enabling our customers to enhance supply chain efficiency and profitability, lower transport cost, reduce waste and enhance green branding.

360º in returnable plastic packaging solutions

Schoeller Allibert can take care of every step of your logistics process.

We excel in the development of packaging solutions. However, we offer much more services: besides a wide range of innovative plastic packaging solutions, we offer a full circle of various services. We call this 360º in returnable plastic packaging solutions.

To provide the best results for your company, we can take care of every step of your packaging process. We cover your logistics process from start to finish, right up to recycling.
360º in returnable plastic packaging solutions

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